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A+ Computer Technician Program


CompTIA A+

Certificate of Completion

60 Clock Hours



The objective of the A+ Computer Technician Program is to prepare individuals to become entry-level computer service technicians.  The curriculum focuses on the ability to build, repair and upgrade personal computer hardware.  After completion of the program, graduates will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to seek employment in a variety of entry-level, computer service positions.


Program Description

The core training for this program is defined by the competencies emphasized by CompTIA A+ Essentials curriculum.  Upon graduation from the A+ Computer Technician Program, students will demonstrate a solid understanding of personal computer (PC) hardware.  They will be able to identify different components of PCs and describe their function, perform basic disk storage device management tasks, and install software (operating systems and applications), identify and troubleshoot basic hardware and software failures, and manage files using both graphical user and command line interfaces.


The objectice of the A+ Computer Technician Prgroam is to train and perpare individuals to achieve CompTIA A+ Certification by passing all of the following exams:

  • 220-801: CompTIA A+ Exam 1
  • 220-802: CompTIA A+ Exam 2

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