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Making your Job Search Easier is our Goal!

At The Academy, we do everything possible to make the experience stress-free. Start by contacting the Career Services department at our campus to schedule a personal interview where we can assess your needs and interests.

The Academy has an excellent relationship with various employers to help our students better their chances while getting a job. Our Career Center works with to provide The Academy with current job listings. Additionally, The Academy partners with local headhunters such as TFS and IRG Recruiting to facilitate your job goals.

The Academy is responsible for placement assistance for certified Academy students within entry-level through experienced IT networking positions. The Academy's Career Center will offer it's assistance to our students in the following ways:

  • Assist graduate students with resume writing and interview preparation and techniques (including seminars and one-on-one interviews).
  • Conduct effective job searches through alliance with, print, cold calling, and job fairs.
  • Keep continued records on campus management of each student's placement status.
  • Assist in career guides when requested.


7 Things You Can Do NOW to Unlock Your Future in IT:

Career Services can help students create a career plan that will serve as a road map to your future career in IT. To get started:

  • Visit the Career Services Department;
  • Take career assessments to learn more about skills and future options;
  • Become active and build skills;
  • Create a resume and update it at least annually;
  • Learn more about how to identify values and how to build skills through volunteer experiences, paid work, and internships;
  • Participate in job shadowing and mock interviews; and
  • Work with the Career Services staff and develop a successful career plan.


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