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CCNA Program


Cisco Certified Network Associates

Certificate of Completion

120 Clock Hours



The objective of the CCNA Program is to prepare a student to learn the skills necessary to obtain entry-level employment in deploying and administering Cisco networking hardware in the field. The first part of this program teaches students how to apply knowledge in the design and implementation of complex networks using Cisco networking hardware. Upon successful completion of the program and meeting of all course requirements and financial obligations, the student will be issed a diploma.


Program Description

Core objectives for this class are defined by the two certification examinations. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of network segmentation using different hardware devices and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of logical network subdivision and its advantages and disadvantages. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to distinguish the properties of different network addresses. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to install and configure a Cisco router. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to differentiate between the functions and capabilities of various protocols. Graduation will demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot common internetworking issues. Students successfully completing this program will have the knowledge and ability to perform the job of a wide area network support technician.


Note: In order to achieve CCNA Program Certigication, all students must sit for and pass the following exams:

  • 200-120: Cisco Certified Network Associate

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